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from 29€ /month
  • Imagen gestión de reservas Facilities management
  • Imagen de muchos usuarios Unlimited users
  • Imagen de notificaciones Notifications
  • Imagen de email Email support

Standard Automatitzation
1-4   installations 29 € / month +20 € / month
5-8  installations 39 € / month +40 € / month
9-12  installations 49 € / month +60 € / month
13-16  installations 59 € / month +80 € / month

Extra modules

Online payments +10 € / month
Management of quotas and remittances +10 € / month
Events Más información +10 € / month
Telephone and whatsapp support +20 € / month
Tournaments Más información +10 € / month
Classes and school +10 € / month
Point of sale, products and stock +10 € / month

For more installations or other payment methods, contact us comercial@softneos.com


49€ /month price per registered

Events or tournaments
Online payment

For more information comercial@softneos.com

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Frequent Questions

Sports management system created and designed with the latest technologies that will allow you to fully control your facilities ( reservations, users, accesses, automation, billing, remittances, online payments, notifications, events, tournaments, school, ... ).All through computer, tablet or mobile APP!

It is the easiest, most agile and intuitive automated facility management system on the market!Don't get complicated and make your workers and players easier to work with. Everyone will appreciate it!

You can contact us and we will be happy to demonstrate the face-to-face or remote system without obligation.You can also make a totally free demo instantly through our website to see the system live for free!Direct contact at: 684 368 785 commercial@softneos.com

¡Yes! ReservaPlay adapts to all types of centers and facilities. Sports courts, directed activities, sports centers, automated facilities...

We will send you a form to fill out very simply. Then we configure the system to your needs and provide you with the access data. We look for a start date and we start!¡Everything in a very short time!

We take care of transferring the data from the old system to the new one and informing the users of the new system so that everyone knows about the novelty from the start day with ReservaPlay. ¡Your users will appreciate the change!

¡'Yes! Optionally, you can do a face-to-face or remote training ( between 1 and 2 hours ) to explain how the system works and see in detail the parts of the system that you are going to use the most.You will also have a help panel with videos, manuals and articles to make your job easier.

It consists of monthly fees. Our commercial department will inform you of the price according to the modules you need. ¡You won't find a system with the same features at a better price!

¡Of course! We have at your disposal our technical department for any questions, concerns or settings.We can assist you by whatsapp, email or phone.Immediate support and quick solutions, our support makes a difference.

¡None! The system is fully online and you can access with the keys that we will send you. Accessible from computer, tablet, mobile device, APP. All with unlimited users and on as many devices as you need.

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